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Are you a die-hard marketer who has a passion for building brands?
Someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind when they’ve discovered a new kick-ass strategy?
Someone who loves to learn, driven by curiosity, and has the need to explore the depths of everything they do?
Do you value the work you do, but appreciate it when it’s time to relax and can kick your feet up?

Sounds like you? Sweet! Check out our open job positions below & D
rop us your resume at info@blackunicorn.in


Media Buyer

We are looking for Passionate Social Media marketers that are extremely driven, quick-learning and detail-oriented. You will be inducted into our company as a media buying account manager. Part of this will be onboarding and getting you up to speed with OUR SOP’s, and our way of doing things – an exciting opportunity for even the most experienced media buyers to learn and grow as they’re exposed to a larger agency’s way of doing things.

Email Marketer

we’re looking to partner with a number of contractors to help us supplement our capacity as our internal hiring catches up. We are now looking for Passionate Email Marketers that are extremely driven, quick-learning and detail-oriented. 

You will be inducted into our company as an email marketing specialist -which will be no different to our internal team members but on a per-project basis.