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We work with Brands & Businesses to achieve stable long term growth by Increasing your Traffic, Conversion & Sales

What We Do

Black Unicorn Stimulates Growth for established Brands & Businesses.

Using Proprietary Ad Strategies developed by our in-house media buying experts to drive profitable long term revenue growth


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Ad Creatives & Copy

You know, the ads that make you scroll back and go "Wow, what did I just see"?

We help produce high-quality ad creatives for brands with the sole purpose to convert customers. We use a direct response approach that supplements any advertising campaign.

Traffic Diversification

Does your brand currently advertise on more than one platform? Once your brand is succeeding, we’ll start to discuss traffic diversification. This puts your brand in front of a new audience, while retargeting your current customers. The more traffic your website gets, the more likely your products will sell.

Revenue Driven Facebook Ad Management

Our media buyers are the best in the biz and when you work with us you don’t work with just one media buyer you work with our entire team to strategize and scale your brand.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Are you sending paid traffic to your website, but having issues convincing them to purchase your product?
This is a problem we see ALL the time with our clients. Our experts can help you optimize your landing page layout & content to improve conversion.

Ready to Disrupt Your Industry?

Black Unicorn has scaled clients in almost every niche & managed over 25 Crores in Ad Spend across virtually every platform & vertical. We don't cut corners or look for the easy way out, every strategy we put to use, is to ensure long term stable revenue growth for our clients







Our Growth Strategy

We’ll craft result-driven campaigns and the ultimate ad strategy to spark conversions

and ramp up sales for your business.

Research & Strategy


We dive deep into your business learning the pain points that have stopped you to date and researching opportunities for growth. Then we’ll develop a customized strategy based on how you want to grow your business.



Just like building a house, your digital strategy needs a strong foundation. We begin by making sure everything is in place for you to start spending money online - check your tracking, pixel, ad account set up & everything in between.



Digital Marketing is the miracle it is today because it's backed by Data. Smart Marketing needs Data Analysis & here we test everything - audience, creatives, interests, placements - anything that'll help us better understand your audience.



This is where the magic happens. We grow your brand using the in-house scaling strategies we’ve learned from working with over 700 clients. We've flipped every switch, turned every stone & tried every strategy there is - to create a surge in your ad results

Our Clients

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Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business Digitally?

Grow your Business with Black Unicorn's Proprietary Brand Growth Strategies & Data-Driven Creative Analysis.

Are You Ready to Scale your Brand?

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